Popkomm Meeting music pros from all over the globe!
The internet has made the world a lot smaller obviously. You don’t have to sit around the office at night to make calls to countries in different time zones anymore.



But sometimes business runs smoother when you meet the person you’re dealing with personally.

So when you get a chance to meet thousands of potential business partners and see hot new acts, why not take it?

After a year of absence the Popkomm has returned to Berlin in a new setup. In previous years the Popkomm Conference and Market had over 14,000 participants and over 800 exhibitors from over 50 countries. The showcase festival had thirty venues where over 400 acts performed during three days. Around 80,000 people visited the festival. In 2010 the conference and festival have changed completely. The Popkomm is part of the Berlin Music Week for the first time.

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Popkomm Meeting music pros from all over the globe!